Welcome to Orogeny Odyssey!

Welcome to my blog, Orogeny Odyssey.

Trekker on the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Regarding the name: it’s likely that you’ve heard of an odyssey, and perhaps read the very famous epic poem by Homer with which it shares a name. An odyssey is basically an adventurous journey. However, it’s less likely that you’ve heard of an orogeny. An orogeny is simply a geologic process that results in the formation of mountains. Combining these two ideas gives an essence of my passions and what I hope to share with you through this blog.

As a geology student, I use different techniques to study the dynamics of interacting tectonic plates, or broken up pieces of the outermost layer of the Earth. I’m especially interested in what happens when continents collide and form mountains, like the Himalaya in Asia. To gain a better understanding of the interactions, I’ve begun to travel to mountain ranges to collect samples and make observations. I then combine my field studies with numerical methods (computer simulations) and laboratory techniques.

I chose to study this subject because I find it absolutely fascinating. The complexity of interactions and the broad range of methods involved in understanding orogenesis as well as other geologic phenomena is simply awe-inspiring for me. By sharing my experiences as well as providing some basic geologic context, I hope to inspire some awe within you as well.